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2010-11   Added MARC 21 / USMARC codes and mapping table.

2010-11   ISO 3166 codes with sameAs links to GeoNames, courtesy of Bernard Vatant (example).

2010-11   Character information now updated to Unicode 6.0.

2010-11   Term links to EuroVoc.

2010-09   Lexvo.org in new LOD cloud image.

2010-07   Blog post about how Lexvo.org adds a semiotic perspective to the LOD Web.

2010-07   New bookmarklets for simple lookups. Thanks to Bernard Vatant once again.

2010-06   New language hierarchy including ISO 639-5 language families. See references for further information.

2010-06   Links to RAMEAU subject headings. Thanks to Bernard Vatant.

2010-06   Links to WordNet 3.0 RDF representation created at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

2010-05   Preliminary versions of Ontology and Java API. Thanks to Bernard Vatant for countless suggestions!

2010-04   Updated Wiktionary translations and links to thesauri. New links to the LCSH thanks to Bernard Vatant!

2010-04   New ID format: Please use http://lexvo.org/id/..., not http://www.lexvo.org/id/....

2010-04   Updated Wikipedia information, new Linguist List information and manually created WordNet links for languages

2009-12   The term query form now supports auto-completion for popular languages

2009-07   Term query form added to main page

2008-12   Downloads finally online, including greatly extended language information

2008-10   Lexvo.org is online! However, we are currently still in the beta testing phase!

2008-10   A Lexvo.org poster has been presented at the 7th International Semantic Web Conference.

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