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means(verb) cut small bits or pare shavings from; "whittle a piece of wood"
pare, whittle
means(verb) make an incision into by carving or cutting
means(verb) cut off from a whole; "His head was severed from his body"; "The soul discerped from the body"
lop, discerp, sever
means(verb) separate with or as if with an instrument; "Cut the rope"
means(verb) form by carving; "Carve a flower from the ice"
means(verb) cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow; "strike down a tree"; "Lightning struck down the hikers"
cut down, strike down, drop, fell
means(verb) engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface; "carve one's name into the bark"
carve, chip at
means(verb) break a small piece off from; "chip the glass"; "chip a tooth"
break off, knap, chip, cut off
means(verb) cut to pieces; "Father carved the ham"
carve, cut up
means(verb) cut a nick into
chip, nick
means(verb) cut with a hacking tool
chop, hack
means(verb) sever or remove by pinching or snipping; "nip off the flowers"
nip, snip, clip, nip off, snip off
means(verb) cut (wood) along the grain
means(verb) cut or remove with or as if with a plane; "The machine shaved off fine layers from the piece of wood"
plane, shave
means(verb) cut away; "he hacked his way through the forest"


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