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has gloss(noun) a metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling ducts of an engine; "the engine had to be replaced because the block was cracked"
block, cylinder block, engine block
has glosseng: The cylinder block or engine block is a machined casting (or sometimes an assembly of modules) containing cylindrically bored holes for the pistons of a multi-cylinder reciprocating internal combustion engine, or for a similarly constructed device such as a pump. It is a complex part at the heart of an engine, with adaptions to attach the cylinder head, crankcase, engine mounts, drive housing and engine ancillaries, with passages for coolants and lubricants. The distance between the cylinder bores (midpoint to midpoint) cannot easily be changed since the machining facilities would require extensive modification. Instead, the bore (diameter) is commonly varied to obtain different engine displacements. This and the minimum thickness of material required between two cylinders are a limiting factor concerning the potential displacement because the bore to stroke ratio has to stay within certain limits. Engine blocks are usually made from cast iron or, in modern engines, aluminium and magnesium.
lexicalizationeng: block
lexicalizationeng: cylinder block
lexicalizationeng: engine block
subclass of(noun) object formed by a mold
casting, cast
has glossces: Blok valců je konstrukční část víceválcového spalovacího motoru nebo jiného pístového stroje, která v sobě obsahuje několik válců - pracovních prostorů. Z jedné strany je blok uzavřen hlavou válců z druhé klikovou skříní. Blok je u menších motorů vytvořen jako jeden celek. Větší motory můžou mít každý válec vyhotovený zvlášť a vložený do klikové skříně.
lexicalizationces: Blok válců
has glossdan: Motorblokken er bilmotorens største del og er placeret under topstykket, som er motorens øverste del. Den er ofte fremstillet af støbejern, men man er efterhånden begyndt også at bruge letmetal. Med letmetal er der den fordel, at det leder varmen bedre end støbejern.
lexicalizationdan: motorblok
has glossdeu: Ein Motorblock ist Teil eines Verbrennungsmotors. Er vereint in sich neben den Zylindern auch die Kurbelwellenlagerung und bei wassergekühlten Motoren den Wassermantel. Im Fachterminus jedoch wird der Verbund aus den eben genannte Bauteilen Kurbelgehäuse genannt. Am Motorblock befindet sich meist die Möglichkeit, die für den Betrieb des Motors notwendigen Nebenaggregate zu befestigen.
lexicalizationdeu: Motorblock
lexicalizationdeu: Zylinderblock
lexicalizationepo: cilindrobloko
has glossfra: Le bloc-cylindres, aussi appelé bloc-moteur, constitue le bâti du moteur à explosion dont la partie intérieure est usinée pour former les cylindres ou les logements de chemises, sil sagit dun moteur à chemises rapportées. Leau de refroidissement circule librement à l'intérieur du carter-moteur. La partie supérieure du bloc est dressée pour former plan de joint pour la culasse, qui vient coiffer les cylindres .
lexicalizationfra: bloc-cylindres
lexicalizationfra: bloc cylindre
lexicalizationfra: bloc moteur
has glossglg: O bloque motor é unha peza fundida en ferro ou aluminio que aloxa os cilindros dun motor de combustión interna ben como os soportes de apoio da cambota.
lexicalizationglg: Bloque do motor
lexicalizationind: bak mesin
has glossita: Il termine Big-block identifica, sul mercato automobilistico statunitense i motori V8 che hanno una cilindrata superiore ai 6,0 L (400 in3). Il più grande motore prodotto fu il Cadillac da 8,2 L (500 in3) prodotto negli anni ‘70. I motori di cilindrata inferiore ai 6 litri vengono chiamati small-block anche se in alcuni casi hanno raggiunto cilindrate più alte rendendo meno secca la divisione tra le due categorie.
lexicalizationita: Motore Big-block
lexicalizationita: blocco cilindri
has glossjpn: シリンダーブロック(cylinder block)とは内燃機関の部品の一つであり、特にシリンダーとクランクケースを一体化した構造の部品の事を示す。エンジンブロック(engine block)と呼ばれる場合もある。
lexicalizationjpn: シリンダーブロック
lexicalizationnld: motorblok
has glosspol: Blok silnika – główny element konstrukcyjny tłokowego silnika spalinowego.
lexicalizationpol: Blok silnika
has glosspor: O bloco do motor ou bloco de cilindros é uma peça fundida em ferro ou alumínio que aloja os cilindros de um motor de combustão interna bem como os suportes de apoio da cambota (virabrequim).
lexicalizationpor: Bloco do motor
has glossron: Blocul motor este sistemul de rezistenţă a motorului şi are rolul de schelet pe care se susţin celelalte componente. El este fixat rigid pe cadrul maşinii.
lexicalizationron: Bloc motor
has glossslk: Blok valcov je konštrukčná časť viacvalcového spaľovacieho motora alebo iného piestového stroja, ktorá v sebe obsahuje niekoľko valcov - pracovných priestorov. Z jednej strany je blok uzavretý hlavou valcov z druhej strany kľukovou skriňou. Blok valcov je pri menších motoroch vytvorený ako jeden celok. Väčšie motory môžu mať každý valec vyhotovený zvlášť a vložený do kľukovej skrine.
lexicalizationslk: Blok valcov
lexicalizationslk: blok motora
has glossspa: El bloque de cilindros o bloque del motor es una pieza fundida en hierro o aluminio que aloja los cilindros de un motor de combustión interna así como los soportes de apoyo del cigüeñal. El diámetro de los cilindros determina la cilindrada del motor.
lexicalizationspa: bloque del motor
has glossswe: Motorblock = Gjutet vevhus med ramlagerlägen för vevaxel och löstagbar cylinder.
lexicalizationswe: Motorblock
has glosszho: 汽缸本體是引擎的基本架構,上方緊接著汽缸頭,而下方則接著曲軸箱。汽缸本體也是引擎"下半座"的主要部份。
lexicalizationzho: 汽缸本體
has part(noun) a chamber within which piston moves
piston chamber, cylinder
part of(noun) a heat engine in which combustion occurs inside the engine rather than in a separate furnace; heat expands a gas that either moves a piston or turns a gas turbine
ICE, internal-combustion engine
part of(noun) an internal-combustion engine in which the crankshaft is turned by pistons moving up and down in cylinders
reciprocating engine
similare/Cylinder block
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