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means(noun) an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance
means(noun) an indication that something has been present; "there wasn't a trace of evidence for the claim"; "a tincture of condescension"
tincture, shadow, vestige, trace
means(noun) an event that is experienced as indicating important things to come; "he hoped it was an augury"; "it was a sign from God"
sign, foretoken, augury, preindication
means(noun) anything that accompanies X and is regarded as an indication of X's existence
means(noun) something done as an indication of intention; "a political gesture"; "a gesture of defiance"
means(noun) a signal for attracting attention
means(noun) an indication that makes something evident; "his trembling was evidence of his fear"
means(noun) something that serves to indicate or suggest; "an indication of foul play"; "indications of strain"; "symptoms are the prime indicants of disease"
indication, indicant
means(noun) a visible indication made on a surface; "some previous reader had covered the pages with dozens of marks"; "paw prints were everywhere"
mark, print
means(noun) a slight indication
hint, clue
means(noun) a public display of a message; "he posted signs in all the shop windows"
means(noun) any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message; "signals from the boat suddenly stopped"
signaling, signal, sign
means(noun) a perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened); "he showed signs of strain"; "they welcomed the signs of spring"
sign, mark
means(noun) any of two families of small parasitic arachnids with barbed proboscis; feed on blood of warm-blooded animals
means(noun) a graphic character that indicates the meaning of a thing without indicating the sounds used to say it; "Chinese characters are ideograms"
ideogram, ideograph
means(noun) (computer science) a graphic symbol (usually a simple picture) that denotes a program or a command or a data file or a concept in a graphical user interface
means(noun) a visible symbol representing an abstract idea
emblem, allegory
means(noun) a distinguishing symbol; "the owner's mark was on all the sheep"
marker, mark, marking
means(noun) an indicator that orients you generally; "it is used as a reference for comparing the heating and the electrical energy involved"
point of reference, reference, reference point
means(noun) the use of movements (especially of the hands) to communicate familiar or prearranged signals
gesture, motion
means(noun) a symbol of disgrace or infamy; "And the Lord set a mark upon Cain"--Genesis
stain, mark, brand, stigma
means(noun) a written or printed symbol (as for punctuation); "his answer was just a punctuation mark"
means(verb) indicate by signs; "These signs bode bad news"
bode, presage, omen, prognosticate, auspicate, foretell, betoken, portend, prefigure, forecast, augur, predict, foreshadow


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