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means(noun) an occurrence of something; "it was a case of bad judgment"; "another instance occurred yesterday"; "but there is always the famous example of the Smiths"
case, example, instance
means(noun) an event that happens
occurrence, occurrent, natural event, happening
means(noun) anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause; "winning the lottery was a happy accident"; "the pregnancy was a stroke of bad luck"; "it was due to an accident or fortuity"
chance event, stroke, fortuity, accident
means(noun) opportunity especially for employment or promotion; "there is an opening in the sales department"
means(noun) a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances; "the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington"; "now is your chance"
opportunity, chance
means(noun) something that happens at a given place and time
means(noun) an opportunity to do something; "there was never an occasion for her to demonstrate her skill"
means(noun) an instance or single occasion for some event; "this time he succeeded"; "he called four times"; "he could do ten at a clip"
clip, time
means(noun) an event that occurs at a critical time; "at such junctures he always had an impulse to leave"; "it was needed only on special occasions"
occasion, juncture
means(noun) a special set of circumstances; "in that event, the first possibility is excluded"; "it may rain in which case the picnic will be canceled"
event, case


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