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has glosseng: Terrence "Terry" Phelan (born 16 March 1967 in Manchester, England) is a former Irish footballer who played as a left-back for a number of clubs, including Leeds United, Swansea City, Wimbledon, Manchester City, Chelsea, Everton and Fulham. Nicknamed "the scuttler" he also made 42 appearances for the Irish national team, whom he represented at the 1994 FIFA World Cup. He is currently coach at Otago United F.C.,New Zealand.
lexicalizationeng: Terry Phelan
instance of(noun) a person who participates in or is skilled at some game
player, participant
has glossfra: Terry Phelan (né le à Manchester) est un ancien footballeur irlandais.
lexicalizationfra: Terry Phelan
has glosspol: Terrance "Terry" Michael Phelan (ur. 16 marca 1967 w Manchesterze) – piłkarz irlandzki grający na pozycji lewego obrońcy. Mierzy 172 cm wzrostu, waży 66 kg.
lexicalizationpol: Terry Phelan
has glosspor: Terrence "Terry" Phelan (Manchester, 16 de março, 1967) é um futebolista irlandês nascido na Inglaterra.
lexicalizationpor: Terry Phelan
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