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means(verb) remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing; "Please erase the formula on the blackboard--it is wrong!"
efface, rub out, score out, wipe off, erase
means(verb) liquidate gradually
amortise, amortize
means(verb) remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line; "Please strike this remark from the record"; "scratch that remark"
excise, strike, expunge, scratch
means(verb) join or combine; "We merged our resources"
unify, merge, unite
means(verb) wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information; "Who erased the files form my hard disk?"
erase, delete
means(verb) terminate, end, or take out; "Let's eliminate the course on Akkadian hieroglyphics"; "Socialism extinguished these archaic customs"; "eliminate my debts"
eliminate, extinguish, do away with, get rid of
means(verb) make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing; "a hidden message"; "a veiled threat"
obliterate, obscure, veil, blot out, hide
means(verb) eliminate completely and without a trace; "The old values have been wiped out"
sweep away, wipe out
means(verb) destroy completely, as if down to the roots; "the vestiges of political democracy were soon uprooted" "root out corruption"
eradicate, uproot, root out, extirpate, exterminate
means(verb) wipe out the effect of something; "The new tax effectively cancels out my raise"; "The `A' will cancel out the `C' on your record"
wipe out, cancel out


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