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lexicalizationeng: 2006 television series debuts
subclass of(noun) the act of beginning something new; "they looked forward to the debut of their new product line"
debut, first appearance, launching, entry, unveiling, introduction
Note: 124 other instance(s) ommited in the following list
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has instancee/sv/Nisse Hults historiska snedsteg
lexicalizationcym: Cyflwyniadau rhaglenni teledu 2006
lexicalizationmkd: Телевизиски серии со почеток во 2006 година
lexicalizationnld: Televisieprogramma uit 2006
lexicalizationnor: TV-programmer med oppstart i 2006
lexicalizationpol: Serialowe debiuty 2006
lexicalizationrus: Телесериалы 2006 года
lexicalizationswe: TV-seriestarter 2006
lexicalizationtur: 2006'da başlayan televizyon dizileri


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