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rdfs:commentSri Lanka Indo-Portuguese,Ceylonese Portuguese Creole or Sri Lankan Portuguese Creole (SLPC) is a language spoken in Sri Lanka. While the predominant languages of the island are Sinhala and Tamil, the interaction of the Portuguese and the Sri Lankans led to the evolution of a new language, Sri Lanka Portuguese Creole (SLPC), which flourished as a lingua franca on the island for over 350 years (16th to mid 19th centuries). SLPC continues to be spoken by an unknown, extremely small population. All speakers of SLPC are members of the Burgher community: descendents of the Portuguese and Dutch who originally founded families in Sri Lanka. Europeans, Eurasians, and Burghers account for 0.2% of the Sri Lankan population. Though only a small group of people actually continue to speak SLPC, the Portuguese cultural traditions are still in wide practice by the mainstream Sri Lankans who are neither of Portuguese descent nor Roman Catholics. ('en' language string)
rdfs:labelIndo-Portuguese ('en' language string)
Sri Lankan Portuguese Creole ('en' language string)
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