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rdfs:commentPurari is a Papuan language of Papua New Guinea. It is also known as Koriki, Evorra, Iai,Maipua and Namau. Namau is a colonial term which means "deaf (lit.), inattentive, or stupid (Williams 1924: 4)." Today people of the Purari Delta find this term offensive. F.E. Williams reports that the "[a]n interpreter suggests that by some misunderstanding the name had its origin in the despair of an early missionary, who, finding the natives turned a deaf ear to his teaching, dubbed them all Namau." (Williams 1924: 4). Koriki, Iai, and Maipua refer to self-defining groups that make up the six groups that today compose the people who speak Purari. Along with the Baroi (formerly known as the Evorra, which was the name of a village site), Kaimari and the Vaimuru, these groups speak mutually intelligible dialects of Purari. ('en' language string)
rdfs:labelPurari language ('en' language string)
Purari ('en' language string)
Język purari ('pl' language string)
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